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FAQ: Corresponding with the IRS

You go to check your mail like you do any other day. But this time, you feel your heart skip a beat as you reach into the box. Sweat laces your brow. There on the envelope in your hand are the letters “IRS.” Except in cases where you are the one who reached out to… 

What You Should Know About 1099s

If you run a business which occasionally relies on independent contractors, then you probably are at least aware of the existence of 1099s. You might already use them regularly. But many businesses find 1099s to be a source of uncertainty, which is quite understandable considering that even over recent years, there have been some changes… 

CPA Firm Oceanside, CA

If there is one certainty that you face in business, it is that every single year, you are going to have to prepare and pay your local, state, and federal taxes. But one thing that does not need to be a part of tax season each year is uncertainty. Our CPA firm Oceanside is here… 

CPA Firm Carlsbad, CA

When it comes to preparing your taxes, it is essential to make sure that you are compliant with all local, state, and federal tax codes. This is the key to making sure that you minimize the taxes you pay and maximize any refund you may be eligible for. That way you can put more money…